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Entry II: Testing

Movies are made in prep. All the way down the callsheet this, this is the stage where you hone in on approach. From logistics of scheduling to the ephemeral motifs for the scholar in the back row of the theater. The prep stage of production is our chance to save time, money, and truly- heart/head aches.

The following is test I made to find a set for an upcoming project wherein I wanted vintage flare and focus fall-off but with cooler color rendition and lower contrast. In addition I tested a handful of lenses from Panavision’s Portrait series to find a lens with textures and focus fall-off for some B-roll coverage. To me these unique characteristics portrayed the free-spirit of a musician. Maybe someone watching on their phone in the back of the train will feel that.

I was able to explore these thoughts because of prep. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing jazz on set and refocusing an approach through limitations. In keeping with the Jazz metaphor though, I’m going to do it better if I know my instruments and my band before I show up on stage.


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